May 9 - Victory Day!. Hotel complex "Troparevo"

Staff of the hotel complex "Troparevo" congratulates all on a holiday of the great Victory, we wish you all good health, happiness, prosperity and peaceful sky over your head! The victory in the great Patriotic war is a feat and glory of our people. May 9, the country's main holiday, a symbol of pride for the defenders of the Fatherland, for those who defended freedom and independence of our Motherland. Victory day remains the most expensive, loved by everyone and at the same time sad holiday that unites us and gives confidence in the future. Special words of gratitude veterans deserve today. Dear winners, you are role models for children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Your feat will forever remain in our hearts. In this bright day of the great Victory, please accept my most sincere congratulations and wishes of good health and long life.
With a holiday!
Thank You and bow!
Eternal memory to the victims...