Subscription for massage - save more!!

When buying a subscription for 10 sessions of massage 11 as a gift!
You can purchase a subscription for any type of massage. You can fix a specific time for you, or take a massage by appointment.

1 May! Discounts is not enough!

May holidays - a long-awaited event for all working people. And this means they need to spend with advantage for health of body and soul!

We are glad to please you that from April 29 to may 15

- during the procedure of wrapping lymphatic drainage as a gift

- during the vacuum apparatus massage lymphatic drainage as a gift

as well as

- when you visit the infrared sauna you get paraffin for hands as a gift!

We are waiting for You in Mine "Troparevo"!

May holidays! Discounts!

From 5 - May 10 in the medical center "Troparevo" 10% discount on all procedures!



  1. "Excellent Mood" (anti-stress)
                  - 3 sessions - 3000 rubles

  2. «Good Health» 
                  - 5 sessions - 4,500 rubles
                  -10 sessions - 9000 rubles + every third procedure-visiting the solarium as a gift

  3. «Beautiful figure»
                   -15 sessions - 13000 rubles + every second procedure-visits to the solarium as a gift

The subscription it is always favorable!

Subscription on 10 procedures:

  1. Dos Sharco – 5000 rub + 1 procedure of a lymphatic drainage as a gift;

  2. Hydromassage – 8000 rub + a paraffin bathtub for hands as a gift;

  3. Lymphatic drainage ( legs + stomach) – 8000 rub + vacuum massage - 2 of the procedure as a gift.