Floral services

Floristic features of the hotel "Troparevo": bouquets for loved ones, decorating the halls from professionals

Hotel "Troparevo" offers its customers a large choice of additional services. Because they allow you to make your stay even more enjoyable. Among the most popular types of assistance included the services of florists. They can be used by guests staying in our apartments and those who rent the Banquet or meeting rooms.

Using the florists you may need in various situations. For example, you may want to please the beloved with a beautiful bouquet or to thank the coach, the classes which were held in the conference hall of the hotel complex "Troparevo".

Services florists is needed in case of birthday celebration, anniversary, wedding. After all, decoration of Banquet halls flowers recently considered one of the best design options. Here you can order bouquets, garlands, and other items of holiday décor.

The flower arrangement entrusted to experienced craftsmen. We have a wide selection of fresh plants (flowering and ornamental). This will allow you to order bouquets and decorations from those plants that are most like you or the person to whom they are intended.

You don't have to leave the hotel to purchase a beautiful floral arrangement. Bouquets and decorations created by our staff right in the center.

Contacting the specialists of the hotel "Troparevo", you can order floral services at affordable price. You will enjoy the convenient conditions of the order and payment floral arrangements.