I would like to express my deep gratitude to the staff of the sanatorium for organizing the program of Detox. I passed the program in March 2018. I was very pleased with the result and service at the highest level. Very friendly, caring and professional team. A wonderful and homely atmosphere. I slept well, charged myself with energy and dropped 4 kg! I highly recommend visiting this place, all those who want to bring the body and nerves in order.
Yours faithfully and wishes of health and prosperity, Natalia Olegovna.


We were with my sister at the Center for the program "Detoxification of the body." No, when we went - we knew that it was akin to eat apples, but that's enough! Friends, this is an inexpressible experience! The result exceeded expectations: minus kilograms, plus an endless stream of energy and energy. Many thanks to all the golden little hands working there under the strict guidance of the fairy of beauty and health, Natalia Evgenievna. We were happy as we could, and I want to say, even in the absence of food, they succeeded as anyone. May God give health to these very kind people in white coats. Do you know what is the best aerobatics of the right organization? This is when the patient returns and leads others. We will definitely return, but not alone!
P.S. Separately, we want to say to the skeptics: "People! Try it! Everything is learned in comparison!


I highly recommend that everyone go through the "detox" program of Natalia Evgenievna - a rare and unique professional who was able to gather around herself a very attentive, sensitive team. I passed in January 2016 for the first time, the program itself is not the easiest and therefore it is very important with whom and how you go through it. My result is 4.5 kg for 5 days, and I believe that it is thanks to you - Natalia Evgenievna, Elena, Galina, Gagik - many times I wanted to get away, but your support, care and attention led me to this result! Every day, I saw how the volumes are falling and in the problem areas. Now constantly I receive compliments! Many thanks and let such people be more!


I want to express my gratitude to the staff of the Troparevo center for their care, attention and professionalism. Passed the course "Detoxification", dropped 5 kg in 5 days. There was lightness, the stiffness in the joints of the feet left. Elegant water procedures, relaxing sauna, excellent massage, use of special medical equipment in procedures give amazing results. The course is a good start to finally start to work on your health, which many of us can not decide. Highly recommend.


I admire the medical team and the service in the "Health and Recreation Center" in Troparevo. Thank you so much. I liked the "Body cleansing program - detoxification", which was held in September 2015. I recommend that everyone periodically go through it. The results are positive in everything and still hold. I really miss all the staff. See you!


I want to express my gratitude to the whole staff of the medical center "Troparevo". In September there was a program of purification: everything was so easy and comfortable! I experienced that I could not stand the hunger. But the feeling of hunger has not come. The results are very encouraging: she threw off 3 kg of weight. But the most important thing is that more energy has been added, the state of health is beautiful, the taste has changed, I do not want to eat bread and potatoes. I am happy that I am very glad. Special thanks for the sensitivity and care of Natalia Evgenievna - the head physician of the clinic, and Gagik for his magic hands that make an unforgettable massage. I wish everyone health and prosperity.

Irina Anatoljevna

I was rehabilitated in September 2015. Everything is just great! Extremely helpful staff! I dropped 4 kg in 5 days. Special thanks to the doctor Natalia Evgenievna and Elena. And do not go on expensive vouchers to Karlovy Vary. I highly recommend that anyone who wants to improve their health visit this center.


I passed the program "detox" in the medical center "Troparevo". Has grown thin for 4 kg for 5 days, the state of health, mood has improved, the dream was normalized. There was a big problem - rashes on the face. After cleaning, I noticed a significant improvement, even surprised my beautician. I will definitely repeat the program in three months. Many thanks to all the staff. I liked everything very much! I recommend to everyone!


The 4th time in December I passed a cleaning program in the medical center "Troparevo" - excellent results and great pleasure from the process. Very high level of the professionalism and a warm spirit of all employees. I especially want to mention the chief doctor, Natalia Evgenievna - she is the Spirit, the energy center of this place, and of course her assistants Elena, Valentina, the employees of Spa Galina and Tatiana, the masseur Vasily. It is very important that at that time there is a place where you can teach medical services at the highest quality level. Thank you!


I really liked the sanatorium, especially water procedures with concentrate "spitzer".