Finnish sauna * helps with skin diseases, cystitis, arthritis, tendency to chronic colds, hypertension, dystonia, secondary form of heart failure, small kidney stones, and liver disease. Contraindications for sauna use – high blood pressure, active tuberculosis, severe diabetes, chronic kidney disease, epilepsy, kidney stone disease, General atherosclerosis, diseases of the upper respiratory tract.

It is not recommended to visit sauna people over the age of 70 years (although any rule there are exceptions). However, these contraindications are not absolute truth. There are cases of healing through baths severe forms of diabetes and complicated cardiovascular diseases. In addition, bath is an excellent means of rehabilitation after suffering a heart attack. Here are just a burden on the body in this case should be dosed very carefully.

The sauna is widely used in aromatherapy, treatment oils, mud, herbal medicine, massage and many other methods of influence on the body.