Елена, 34 years old

Отель очень классный, уютный, удобное расположение, недалеко от метро. Персонал очень вежливый, в отеле и в номерах чисто. Очень понравилось все, будем останавливаться только тут!

Шемшат, 45 years old

Проживание в гостинице прошло отлично, тихо и спокойно, уютный номер, впечатлило внимательное отношение администраторов и официантов, особая благодарность администратору Инне за содействие в решении вопросов, а также официаньу Константину. Атмосфера в отели очень благоприятная, очень понравилось всё. Благодарю весь персонал, рекомендую всем!


 Good day, lived in the Hotel "Troparevo" during a business trip. Arrived at the hotel early in the morning. Administrator Olesya on the front Desk warmly welcomed us and immediately offered to settle.

Your booking was double room "comfort". The room is clean, comfortable and bright. The view from the window was on Troparevsky Park. Quietly, calmly. Nothing prevented to take some rest and after work.

Power also liked: Breakfast buffet - tasty, varied and nutritious . Before the first Breakfast the waiter Constantine asked about our food preferences. It was very nice. Also went out to dinner. A wide choice of dishes of Russian and European cuisine, great atmosphere! Very tasty!

I also liked the fact that the hotel offers a range of different services. So after work we played pool, went to the sauna, massages. We thank the staff : very polite and attentive. When he left, we purchased Souvenirs in the jewelry boutique discounts.

Thanks to GK Troparevo! Waiting for new meetings!

Dmitrii i Ylya

I want to Express my gratitude to all staff of the hotel "Troparevo" for a truly quality hosting our wedding, which took place on 28 June 2014.
When you first meet the "Troparevo" we were startled by the appearance of former Soviet buildings, while the internal content and quality of services, especially small hall with an adjacent green area, we are very pleasantly surprised.
The small room did not need additional decor, and furniture. The classic style of the hall itself was sufficient decoration and blue tones perfectly matched the colors of our wedding.
An integral continuation of the small hall was completely separated from the rest of the world surrounding is quite pleasant in appearance, green territory, sufficient for carrying out marriage registration and various active competitions, which we did not fail to use on all hundred.
A special bonus to a small hall attached adjacent a large billiard room, which, as it turned out, liked to have been in demand both for competitions and for relaxation.
All three of these areas (hall, grounds, billiard room) was closed only for us, and it's comfort.
Now about the kitchen.
If within this website you could share photos, then everyone would see how incredible care and thoroughness was organized table, as was elegantly decorated with all the dishes they served. The quality and formulation of food was equal to the present level of the restaurant, all the guests praised and were pleased with such abundance, because the table was literally Laden with delicious food – and all this for relatively little money. Even for your drinks, including alcoholic were no extra fees.
The waiters were helpful and so the plates and glasses was never empty. All the alcohol and drinks were placed on tables in the exact amount that we after purchase gave them for safekeeping. At the end of the wedding all that is left of the untouched food and alcohol at our request free of charge Packed, and all that we gave away to friends.
Special remember the pleasant surprise that we had the waiters take away the cake: when it was dim light and it was time to make a wedding cake – they suddenly lit fountains of fireworks – it was a highlight.
And the culprit of all this is Marina Nikolaevna - the main organizer of the beauty and richness of the table (including the buffet area), teamwork waiters and all those things that make a celebration a celebration. She is a true professional of his craft! - quickly and efficiently made up of individual, подходящеt us and our guests the menu suggested a lot of useful on the organization of the celebration and everything it embodied. And even its external austerity is nothing more than an instrument aimed at a careful epitome of the beauty that rightfully deserve the young in their most special day – and to this it belongs with all my heart, that she was separate, warm thank you! ))
So, the kitchen is great, but without a responsive attitude to all our needs-service operation of the hotel and personally its leader Viktor Vladimirovich – the holiday would not have happened the way we wanted.
Surprisingly, but any reasonable requests, comments, suggestions – all were met, resolved and implemented quickly and in full compliance with our wedding experience. Hence, the government of the state of green areas in full accordance with our scenario, ranging from mild adjustments to the landscape and ending with assistance in the installation, heating, summing power for all we need designs for a buffet and on-site registration and accessories competitions. And not to mention the active and timely participation in the design of the grounds when the solution of some of the nuances were powerless even designers (that's what the experience part in providing the many celebrations and accurate management of their economy!). All operations, Deputy head of Hope and, of course, Victor Vladimirovich – sensitive and Executive staff, people of our word – literally no detail was left not solved, thanks! )
It should also be noted, and care of the staff at the reception of the hotel – don't be afraid to turn to them for help – a lot of little things, the exchange of information, documents, and even money was decided by them – thank you lovely ladies!)
The rooms of the hotel quite good, the Breakfast is very abundant), the newlyweds gave a decent discount for accommodation of guests (my parents visited), in the evening after the wedding, managed to take a good sauna with a swimming pool and in the end of the wedding night the newlyweds a pleasant surprise – complimentary Suite on the day, beautifully, serenely, without haste.
The hotel "Troparevo", by the way is literally built into the reserve forest Warm camp – turned out to be a very good place for intimate weddings (25 people) – thank you again!


July 4, our family celebrated the wedding of the son in the small Banquet hall of the hotel complex "Troparevo".
The evening was wonderful! Everyone loved it! Cozy room, beautifully set tables, delicious food. All very pleased with the opportunity to leave the room on a beautiful manicured green lawn.
A big thank you to the head of the Marina Nikolaevna, Vera a for attention and sensitivity! And the waiter Valery for work!
Will definitely be back again!


Rested and passed sanatorium treatment in the Hotel "Troparevo" within 5 days "Detox programme", cleanse the body of toxins, lost weight by 5 kg. Was a lot of great procedures, sharko shower, Hydro massage, Lymphatic drainage, massage every day, go to the sauna with a swimming pool. Was very pleased and grateful to all the staff for the attentive attitude to the Guests. The rooms are clean, comfortable, with views of Troparevsky forest. Food varied. Thanks to the Head Stucco Natalia N. for the warm welcome and comfort once again come to you for treatment! Thank You for being there!!!


I Express my deep gratitude to all the staff of GK Troparevo, lived here for 4 days, the rooms are decent, tasty and hearty food, the staff is friendly and always ready to solve any problem.I would particularly like to note the Chief physician of the medical center - Filatova Natalia Evgenievna, very attentive and competent physician, an individual approach to everyone. I took a program "Magic rejuvenation" feeling younger by 20 years! All highly recommend!!! How will the opportunity to come to Moscow, only here in GK Troparevo! Rostov-on-don